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New Glarus 3 on 3 Tourney

4th Annual New Glarus 3 on 3 Basketball Tourney

Date: Saturday, November 4, 2023

Divisions: 10 Divisions (8th Boys, 8th Girls, 7th Boys, 7th Girls, 6th Boys, 6th Girls, 5th Boys, 5th Girls, 4th Boys, 4th Girls)  *Limit of 8 teams per division. 

Tourney Schedule (approximate - depending number of registered teams)

Girls - 8:30-12:00        Boys - 12:30-5:00 

Games: All teams are guaranteed 3 games. It is possible to play a 4th game.

Rosters: Limit of 4 players per team. 

Registration: Teams must register online.  You must register in the division of your oldest player. Example: A team made up of three 5th Graders and one 6th Grader, then that team must register in the 6th Grade Division. 

Registration Link -

Cost: $85 per team (includes a t-shirt for each player)

Admission: $5

Questions: Contact Travis Sysko  608-778-1079 or

Tourney Rules:

- Games are played on a half court.

- Each game consists of two 10-minute halves. Running clock.
- 2-minute warm up.3 minute half time
- No time outs.


- Ball must be checked in a sportsmanship manner at the top of the key after each dead ball (No out of bounds plays).
- After a made basket, both feet of a player possessing the ball must move beyond the 3-point arc, but it does not need to be checked. Checking here is a turnover.

- Technical fouls are 2 points and possession of the ball.
- On shooting fouls, points are awarded as if the shot was made (2 or 3 points). One additional point is awarded if the shot attempt is successful. Possession changes after the foul.
- On or after the 5th team foul OF THE GAME, each common foul shall result in 1 point and possession for the fouled team.
- Stalling is not allowed. A warning will be issued and a 10-second "shot clock" count will be administered by the referee. Failure to shoot within ten seconds will result in a turnover. Starting with the second stalling violation, the penalty will be a turnover plus 2 points for the offended team.
- ZERO TOLERANCE: ARGUING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED Violators will be asked to leave.
- Seat Belt Rule: Coaches must remain seated during games.
- Must begin with at least 2 players and may play with 1.

- Substitutions may only be made during a dead ball (a made shot is not a dead ball).  If a team substitutes after a made basket, they will be given a warning.  A second offense will result in a technical foul.
- Scoring is the same as a regular game.
- Pressing is allowed for 7th and 8th grade leagues, but the ball must still be taken past the 3-point line before shooting. For 4th through 6th grade, defense may be played anywhere once the ball is taken back past the 3-point line. Intentionally stalling by not taking the ball back will result in a technical foul.
- Teams must wear the same colored jerseys. Reversible is preferred. 

- Teams provide their own warm-up balls.

- Each team must have a coach.
- No refunds after schedules are sent unless a substitute team is found.